Public Running

August 8th 2021

from 2 to 5pm


Worthing & District SME
Field Place
BN13 1NP


(Near Durrington Railway Station and opposite Strand Parade shops)


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Construction of New Disabled Toilets.








Just before the Santa Run 2018 Lesley, the partner of the Late Ian Aiken conducted the official opening (it is believed several members then helped with the Christening).


If you recall, the day was slightly wet for a brief period and it was reported that a lady has been seen drying her hair with the hand drier following the shower.

With inside walls completed and the new wiring professionally run in the next stage is to screed the floor of the new toilets and the corridor connection from the clubhouse through to the outside by the track unloading area. These areas will also have underfloor heating so in addition the heat pads have to laid as well. The main corrider was completed in time for the start of the public running season in spite of the best efforts of the weather that threw snow, ice, rain and wind at us. Below are the latest pictures of developments.




Reminscent of a work crew at the railhead in a Western when the final rail spike has been hammered in.




The base has been laid and finished by 4 P.M. After having started at 8 in the morning and apart from pauses for tea and cakes (and calls of nature) without breaks




According to my abacus this means we worked a full 8 hour day so in spite of our average age being north of 70 we can still manage it.



Below are the previous featured images of the toilet extension to the clubhouse

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