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Construction of New Disabled Toilets.


We are now able to begin the interior work. We couldn't start this until the outside doors had been hung as there was a need to remodel the interior walls to get access to the new toilets. To paraphrase, until the outer doors were finished we couldn't start to knock the walls about inside. Happy new year! we have started.


The majority of the images for the external work are archieved at the bottom of the page. Here we go with the inside view(s) as they develop.over the coming months weeks.

This week (on the 17th) we found a spare hole in our storage, careful measurements revealed that it would be perfect for the one we need to put into the wall that was previously the library. So armed with freshly calibrated lump hammers Glenn and Nigel set to fitting it.The pictures in the gallery below show the stages and you have to agree that it was a ferfect fit in the end. Thanks also to Barry who took away a trailer load of rubble afterwards.





Reminscent of a work crew at the railhead in a Western when the final rail spike has been hammered in.




The base has been laid and finished by 4 P.M. After having started at 8 in the morning and apart from pauses for tea and cakes (and calls of nature) without breaks




According to my abacus this means we worked a full 8 hour day so in spite of our average age being north of 70 we can still manage it.



Below are the previous featured images of the toilet extension to the clubhouse

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