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Welcome to the website of the Worthing and District Society of Model Engineers. Whether you are an existing member of the Society, someone interested in model engineering or a member of the public looking for information on our next running day for the trains, we hope that you will find this site interesting. 


If you are interested in joining us please call into Field Place on one of our meeting evenings or on a Wednesday or Saturday morning. Alternatively you may use our Contact Us section to send an email or download and complete an application form. There is more information on the About us page.









If you have looked at the  What's happening page you will be aware that we are currently expanding the club house with the addition of a disabled toilet coupled with moving the existing, and in all honesty inadequate, toilet.


We have a target to raise of £18,000, that currently stands at just over £8,900. If you would like to help then the notice to the left explains it all. You will be able to make any purchase donation during any public running Sunday the next one being the 28th of May.


Look, your purchase for £2 includes a free train ride, what a bargain!


If you feel that a brick is a bit impersonal then how about a fridge magmet. These are not your usual ones the size of an old penny or milk bottle top (being retired I remember these things) but are of a healthy 61 mm in diameter and will be available with different locomotives in full colour. There will be a whole set to collect, far more useful than whatever the current "collect" fashion is. they could even become collectors items and one day sell at a vast profit on online autions.





Look out for this on Public running days as this will be where you can start up your collection.


These are the first two, they are of our new Class 73 diesel electric in Pullman Livery and of L.M.S. Royal Engineer in glorious red.

Sunday the 30th April saw us in waterproof mode. Not of tropical proportions, the rain was more traditional in that it was dry enough when having fun in it and only became noticably wet when standing around in it. Our drivers at the front end of the trains got the full benefit of the much needed rain where as those under the shelter of the station canopy were more fortunate.

Don't forget, the next time we are running will be on on Sunday the 28th May at the usual time of 2P.M.

Perfect for the Bank Holiday weekend, avoid the traffic jams and come along to Field Place.


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