Public Running

Sunday 22nd May 2022

from 2 until 5


Worthing & District SME
Field Place
BN13 1NP


(Near Durrington Railway Station and opposite Strand Parade shops)


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What's Happening


We haven't been idle these last few months, a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes.


The home page tells the story of the footpath to the club house that has been relaid. Previously it was akin to a ploughed field and moving the trolly with a locomotive on board was ac accident waiting to happen.


The track crew have been busy maintaining the track in general and adressing the A pillars that support the track in particular.


The signalling systems that control the level crossing are in the process of a major refurbishment and the control system inside is being updated.


The Club house entry path and steaming bays


After much moaning and groaning over the recent years by those who move club locomotives to the steaming bays, work has finally started to improve the quality of the path.

 A skip arrived last week and the old tarmac and slabs were removed. This week, the last Wednesday in January, the groundwork was completed in preparation for laying concrete next week.


Mixing concrete is messy, hard work and not for senior citizens, therefore last Wednesday a large lorry arrived at Field Place to mix it for us! Marvelous machine, it can vary the aggregate, cement and water as it goes to keep the mixture to taste and the troughs at the rear let the mix be laid (dumped) where ever its needed and plus an important plus, we had no excess concrete to lose or mixers, wheelbarrows and tools to clean off. As it was being laid our own army of volunteers were at hand to rake it into place, level it and finally to texture it and nicely round the edges.



For those of us who have suffered the A259 improvements for what seems like most of this century it's a lesson in what can be achieved if you put your mind to it and get on with the  job and not claim the weather, covid or parties that are work related are the reasons for delay.

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