Public Running

September 19th 2021

from 11 to 4


Worthing & District SME
Field Place
BN13 1NP


(Near Durrington Railway Station and opposite Strand Parade shops)


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What's Happening

Here are notable dates for this comimg year and hints about other pages worth looking at concerning the club, past, present and future.

 During this year 2021 the club will hold various special events on certain public running days



Sunday 19th September, Green Park Day in association with Field Place



Have you noticed that one particular club member appears in all these pictures? Not stripes like in where's wally but in fetchings shades of orange.

Charity Day presentation

It 's front page news (see front page). Today  2nd October the motley Wednesday maintenance crew were dragged away from tea and cakes to present a cheque to Guildcare for the sum of £1955 that was raised on our Charity day in their aid.


You see we can polish up to a respectable degree when we try.

We are getting good at this


A member who shall remain nameless ( you know who you are Chris ) is adept at dumster diving or as others would claim, recycling. As a consequence he  has presened us with cast iron bench ends that only needed cleaning and painting. All we had to do was buy the wood and behold a bench worth of a Royal Park has appeared.

Come on down when public running is on and try it out!


We have also made a companion for it at the other end of the patio (the paved bit by the front door) that again had used recycled ends. We had to buy more wood again though, it doesn't grow on trees.

New improved Gable End


As shown on the front page, here's another fine view of the refurbished gable end. You have to admit it's a vast improvement  on the weather beaten, tatty mess that it has replaced.




Andrew our club president making adjustments to the safety valves on one of the club locomotives. Essential work that has to be carried out, in this instance following a de-scaling of the locomotive's boiler. Over 10 years of hard work has left quite a deposit on *her its insides, one of the drawbacks of the local hard water and why we have changed to using rain water.


* word removed that might cause an attack of the vapours.


Photo taken by Andrew Whitman of Guildcare

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