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Sunday 9th June

from 1:30 pm until 4:30 pm


Worthing & District SME
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(Near Durrington Railway Station and opposite Strand Parade shops)


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Live Train Movements


If you attended Nigel Bucks  talk on Railway Signalling on the 8th of February and noticed the live train data that he was using and would like to explore by yourself then below are the links to the three he uses. Click on any of them, there are differencies its up to you which you prefer.


I remember standing on Worthing Central waiting for a steam special and a helpful porter (probably has a fancy job title nowadays) gave me the traksy url and I was able to see it delayed at Preston Park. so for me that would be my choice



50th anniversary clelbrations


A big thank you to all members past, present and future (hopefully) who braved the weather forecast and helped make the day the success that it was many thanks to Geoff Bashall who was the prime mover for the day, other committee members and the Ladies in the canteen who kept us fed and watered. There's a general write up on the home page and a link to the video of the great day by Dennis Holmes.

Those of you who know Dennis will be pleased to learn that there is no additional commentary over the general background sounds.



We Have a dedicated forum!


Ive moved this to near the top of the members  page as Phil, who set this up and acts as moderator tells me that usage has dropped off. Perhaps those who contribure to whats app could also add to the wdsme forum too.


No jokes about funny things happening on the way please. For those unfamiliar with one it's an upmarket message board very similar to the what's on offer through Model Engineer (other magazines available) where suscribers offer advice, progress, ask questions, trade insults show photos. You can search for subjects, members or themes so long as they are there in the first place. You don't have to be an active forum contributor, but if you prefer to just look or follow posts, you will still have to join up.  It's secure and moderated so anything untoward will be removed and if it's too offensive  the perpertrator can be suspended or even get the order of the boot.

How do you get there? You can just click the link below or better still remember it, write it down or carve it on your dining room table. You do need to have an active email address then think up a user name (mine is NeilF) than a password following the necessary rules for security then wait for a welcoming email and away you go. Any questions please ask me, preferably within the clubhouse and not at 2 in the morning.






Public running 2024


This will start on Sunday April 14th with the new times of 13.:30 through to 16:30. Since Covid there has been a change of when our customers arrive  and particularly leave. In general trade fades away by 16:15 so the decision has been made to still be running for 3 hours but times advanced by half and hour.


We currently have a good supply of qualified drivers so if you are willing and ready to drive make you presence known to the TC on the day and he will endeavour to get you a drive. The plan is to have 3 x 1 hour sessions during the afternoon for each club Loco. Privately owned locos will be at the owners discretion though.

When your drive is over please remain to help with other matters associated with public running, the scheduled driver is expected to prepare the loco, help with that is part of driving duties the putting it away and cleaning afterwards are one of those other matters just mentioned.



Remember if your name is down on the roster as driver, TC or assistant TC then the slot is yours and if you have to, or need to change, its up to you to arrange a subsitute. Failure could result in ridicule and public shaming on a Thursday evening


We always need helpers for safety duty and other public running tasks. If you are able to offer help on the day you'll be more than welcome. all you have to do is turn up there's always something you can do, assist with, or just be there even if only for a hour or two.



Boiler certification



 Changes have been made to the boiler records by Phil Downs. There has been an overhaul of the records with one or two discrepancies corrected. this shouldn't  have any general effect on members. However, what will have an effect are the records of hydraulic and steam certificates. The new system will generate email reminders to owners of locomotives whose expiry of steam and hydraulic certificates will expire during the forthcoming month. It will be then up to respective owners to arrange any testing with the boiler testers by placing their locos on the schedule on the white board in the clubhouse.


Please liase with the boiler testers as the do not need be suddenly greeted with an impossible list of tests required on a Wednesday morning, it's not just the tests its the paperwork too.





Code of Practice for Public Running Version 5


The code of practice for public running has been reviewed and where appropriate, revised. This will come into effect from when Public Running resumes, hopefully in June this year (2021)


If you are to be involved in public running either as track controller, as other operational members, or the drivers of either steam or electric locomotives then you must be familiar with its scope and coverage.


There is a downloadable version on the private members page in the documents section. Members as mentioned above, who are track controllers or are licenced drivers will have already received their personal copies. Newly qualified members yet to obtain a copy can print their own or alternatively see Dereck Langridge  / Geoff Bashall for your personal copy




Members Diary & Events

                 Date                        Details    
Saturday July 6th
Saturday Steam up
Thursday 11th July Bits and Pieces    
Sunday 14th July Public Running    
Wednesday 17th July Magic minders    
Saturday 20th July Fire Station Open Day    
Thursday 25th July
Chris Gould will be bringing his record breaking Austin 7 along and talk about its achievements
Saturday August 3rd Saturday Steam Up    
Thursday 8th August It's that time of year so probably a video evening but we will see.    
Sunday 11th August Public Running    
Thursday 22nd August Lost Churches of the South East, presented by Alex Vincent    
Sunday 25th August Public Running    



Club Members meet regularly in our own clubhouse situated at Field Place, Durrington, near Worthing.


Scheduled meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 7.30pm with either a guest speaker or "in-house" programmes.

Here members have access to notices, documentation and a discussion forum. This area is password protected. 

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