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Newsletter issue 154 Summer 2021
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Boiler certification



The track will soon be open again and also public running will hopefully start at the end of June. Therefore its essential that if you want to run your steam locomotives that you ensure that they are in ticket both with steam and hydraulic certification. Remember it's not just a piece of paper but essential for you and for us primarily for insurance purposes that you are legal to run.


Printed on the exclusive members page as at 11th May this year  are current steam and hydraulic expiry dates please check the status of your locomotives. The expiry lists are abridged but the full record are also available on this page. If you have any questions or doubts please contact John Elsworth who maintains the master records or Brian Hunt who is the committe boiler testing representative.



Code of Practice for Public Running Version 5


The code of practice for public running has been reviewed and where appropriate, revised. This will come into effect from when Public Running resumes, hopefully in June this year (2021)


If you are to be involved in public running either as track controller, as other operational members, or the drivers of either steam or electric locomotives then you must be familiar with its scope and coverage.


There is a downloadable version on the private members page in the documents section. However, such members as mentioned above who are track controllers or are licenced drivers will have received their personal copies included with their latest (Summer 21) newsletter.




Update 15th June

Well, we all heard or saw it last night, our prime minister beaten into submission by the experts. As a consequence planned reopening of public running is now put off until probably 25th July, what year is the other question. When we can start Thursday meetings again is of course yet another question. Hopefully it will be sometime this year but if another variant appears in places such as a remote Pacific Island or one of the many 'Stans dotted around Asia then who knows.


In the mean time (with an obvious nod to social distancing) there's things to do down Field Place so if you have something to offer then make contact with Larry our Chairman or Paul Parsons the membership secretary and enquire as to if you can be of any assistance.





The cabling has been completed and the system tested. All we now need is to get back to normal. For those with long memories, meetings were the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month!

Members Diary & Events



Club Members meet regularly in our own clubhouse situated at Field Place, Durrington, near Worthing.


Scheduled meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 7.30pm with either a guest speaker or "in-house" programmes.

Here members have access to notices, documentation and a discussion forum. This area is password protected. 

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