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Newsletter issue 152 Winter 2020
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Update 13th November


Well, we're into the second lockdown now. Perhaps lockdown light or mini lockdown would be more appropriate. By decree we have had to close up shop again until early December. Fortunately the grass has decided it's that time of year when it pauses growing also other ongoing maintenance projects can be safely put on hold for a while. So while it seems more like business as usual in the outside world (unles your are in the hospitality business or are not a Supermarket when it comes to selling non essential goods) we have had to obey the rules and toe the line regarding the latest government edict.


One important job now completed has been the clearing out of the club house loft. This space has spent the last 25 years or more gathering up the junk that was being saved for when a use could be found for it, saved in case it was useful or saved because a generous benefactor no longer needed it and though we would make better use of it than the council recycling depot. Regardless, the work has been brutal and very little remains to go back up into a much reduced storage area. Anyone found to be dumping stuff in the loft in the future will be hauled before the committee to explain, any committee member doing likewise will have to explain their actions to the club President


One of the oldest things to be thrown out was the collection of ancient jokes that were frequently voiced by members, usually accompanied by loud groans. It was decided that in these woke times over 99% would nowadays be deemed unacceptable and in case of bringing the club into disrepute, world be best forgotten.






As I reported just before the national lockdown, our new projector had arrived. It was tested, along with the replacement Blu Ray player we sourced previously and all was found to be working. It all requires installation and under the enforced circumstances there's not a lot we can do although all the bits and pieces have been ordered and and are ready to be put to work.

For security all our stuff has been removed from site and stored safely at home.

Boiler certification


The latest (Jan 2020) boiler certification records are now on the private members page. Please check the status of your locomotives boiler well before running it at Field Place or any other track. Brian Hunt points out that there's no need to have steam or hydraulic tests carried out until you are actually going to run as the clock will start ticking again and the validity period will be wasted. It's not like an MOT on your car. However, steam tests have started again, talk with one of the boiler testers if you need their servives.

Members Diary & Events



Club Members meet regularly in our own clubhouse situated at Field Place, Durrington, near Worthing.


Scheduled meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 7.30pm with either a guest speaker or "in-house" programmes.

Here members have access to notices, documentation and a discussion forum. This area is password protected. 

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